How Old is Baby Now...

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Even though I call straight away I can't get an appointment with my old gynecologist in Montpellier - he's fully booked. I take a RDV with a colleague for this time.

I have a echographie scan to confirm all is well - baby is due 6 October and it is well positioned and has a good heartbeat. I ask about my advancing age (I'll be 41 when baby is born ) and they say that isn't too old and not to worry... the only difference being is that they'll probably want to do an amnio.

Gyne charge €45.00


Patricia said...

Just found out were expecting in October got a load of dates through from hosp for appointments with consultant and the first scan but no details about what to do for scan is it like UK and i have to have a full bladder?


Wendy Johnson said...

Actually I was never told one way or another... but one time I'd been kept waiting more than an hour and he complained my bladder was full so..... 'spose not.