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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

First Proper Scan

Back to the gyne this afternoon for our first proper scan at 12.5 weeks.
All is well - apart from an hour's wait to see the doctor, as he's running behind, after which he complains that my bladder is full and he can't see properly. (well, huh, you kept me waiting.)

Baby is jumping around so much he struggles to measure the nucal fold!!

We make an appointment for mid April for my amnio - optional but anybody over 38yrs in France is advised to have one. I have to go to the gyne's office the day before to check with a scan how much amniotic fluid there is before they will do the proceedure at 8am the next day at the delivery hospital in the middle of Montpellier. I come away with a green box with test tubes in it and another mountain of paperwork to complete.

Euro70 for today's visit.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea for a blog! I just had a baby in France three months ago. Some things I expected, other things came as a surprise. But all in all, a good experience.

Wendy Johnson said...

Thank you - I hope it'll be useful to lots of people