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Friday, 6 June 2008

The BIG Scan

OK, We're at 23 weeks and 6 days now and it's the day of the big scan - it's usually today you find out what sex the baby is... but because of the amnio we know that already - a girl.

After more than an hours wait - we get into see the doctor - the same chap that did the scan when I had the amnio. The huge screen on the wall just brought to mind a cinema... the technology was amazing. The first 5 minutes the usual skeleton and hazy cloudy patches and then he pressed a button and we got a 4D image - I gasped - it was amazing to see a real live proper looking baby on the screen and the doctor thought I thought I thought it was horrible and felt ill.

I asked what a piece of body was... and he told me to only look at the pretty bits (apparantly it was the uterus wall I was looking at - I didn't feel squeamish at all in fact... it was just so fascinating.)

We even saw the baby eye lens... checked all the mouth / fingers / toes / brain / heart / lungs / stomach / thorax... absolutely everything. We'd brought along a CDRom and got photos and video of everything.

Absolutely amazing - not to be missed and a snip at Euro130 compared to UK prices!

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Helen said...

AMAZING! as you say a snip at 130 euros :)