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Friday, 13 June 2008

Epidural and Clinique

Today I finally get around to filling in the form to book my space at the clinic. Details they want include:

  • My name, and contact details, date of birth and so on. As well as my profession and employer.
  • My social security number.
  • My Mutuelle details.
  • Name of my GP
  • Name of my gyne / Obst.
  • Next of kin details
  • and finally whether I want a standard double room to share with bathroom - or a single room with a put-you-up bed for Euro57/ day extra - or a double comfort room with 2 beds (daddy can sleep over) for Euro65 / day extra.

I also call and make an appointment for the end of August for my epidural check up - generally they ask questions on your health and look at your spine....


Helen said...

Just wanted to say I am really finding your blog interesting. I am facing the prospect of trying for and having a baby in France and this is certainly an education xx just wanted to let you know i am reading the blog :) It would be great to know more about the actual rooms when you give birth - do you get your own private room with a bathroom afterwards or are they always communal bathrooms? if you can have a put me up bed does that mean your husband can stay with you?

Wendy Johnson said...

Only just discovered this comment - will write up the information you need... keep an eye on the blog