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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Moving house paperwork nightmares

After letting the and the Caisse Maladie know that we have moved house - we get the surprises in the post.

The Caisse Allocations Familiale give you child benefit money / money towards your rent or mortgage if you are on a low income and a prime de naissance 2 months before you are due to give birth - so it's good to keep in with them. On discovering we'd moved house they decided we obviously didn't need more money so we got a letter saying please send back the last Euro213 we sent you - no explanation no nothing... so down to the CAF I traipse and come back with 5 sheets of paper to fill in with our present family situation and 2 bits of paper for the mortgage bank to fill in about our house - so it does look like we can have a little money still - watch this space.

The CPAM Maladie people just sent us an attestation saying that hubby and kiddy number 1 are still valid for their medical insurance, but I am 'a justifier' - bizarre as we've done nothing but move house (oh yes and I married him too). I also find out that the chip in my green carte vitale has died too and needs looking at (probably overwork).

To date I've been covered under my husband to be's (now husband's) social security number just because I live with him - I have been salaried since January 2007 but never changed over my medical insurance to my own - I just never thought it would make a difference... UNTIL you need to claim conge maternite money ... (maternity benefit).

So I need now to get the following papers together:

My Carte vitale
My attestation de droit (from the green borne in the CPAM office?)
Livret de famille (marriage certificate with kids born on it)
Carte de sejour (or passport)
Demande de rattachement a la CPAM (a form they've given me to fill in)
A medicine traitant form to register with a doctor (I've done this before but seems I have to do it again...)
First and last wage slips
The obligatory EDF electric bill (proof of address - I swear you could travel the world on one of these...)
A RIB (direct debit form from the bank)
.. And a partridge in a pear tree!

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