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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Prime de Naissance

So yesterday we receive Euro813.00 in our account and checked on the CAF site with our allocation number and password - they have deducted Euro50 off of us as we have been overpaid aide logement (in fact they haven't caught up with the paperwork yet and they reckon they have overpaid us Euro213 as we moved house) and that we have Euro2.81 to repay still - so the figures just don't add up. I'm just going to say nothing for the moment and sit by the letterbox.

At least they have acknowledged that they have all the paperwork received and the dossier was 'treated' yesterday.

Bought a pushchair from with carrycot and car seat second hand at the weekend - I reckon new it would have been worth Euro600 and I got it for Euro123 - so quite a bargain! We do have to drive 1.5 hours to Marseilles to get it this week though.

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