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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Checking into the Clinique

We have to check in at the Clinique St Roch by 1730hrs today. We're taken into the office in the reception area where we hand over a copy of my ID, an attestation from the CPAM and a copy of my mutuelle. We requested a few months ago a shared room (I like to chat to another mum when I'm in hospital) and a telephone line - I'm not bothered about having a TV rental. I'm allocated my room number. The lady declared us very easy, as 99pc of people want single rooms and there aren't enough to go around.... The phone line rental is Euro4 a day... plus cost of calls.

Then we are taken to the birthing room, where I have a urine test, a blood test, a visit from the anesthetist and at least 5 forms filled out by the mid-wife.The baby is monitored during all of this.

I'm given a bottle of antiseptic soap and some gauze strips (to wash myself all over tonight and then again tomorrow morning. I have to be up and showered tomorrow by 7.30am. (at this point I become rather confused as she tells me to use the gauze strips to wash myself as my own flannel will become yellow if I use it... at this point I'm worried I'm going to turn yellow all over and does she really mean I have to wash my hair in this stuff?)

Into the room and unpacked by 9pm - and they let me have some dinner.. which I didn't check until too late and then I realise they've given me fish - yuck - so I just eat the veg and pud and then feel absolutely famished all night - especially as I'm very pregnant and feel like I could eat a horse at any moment.

I'm sharing a room with a lady who had her baby boy by c-section that morning.. she's having problems with breast feeding and she's getting lots of help. All for tonight.

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