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Friday, 3 October 2008

Friday - Going Home

I wait for the gyne this morning - I want him to let me go home today - usually it's the 6th day - i.e. tomorrow - but really I think I'll be more comfortable at home now. And luckily he is happy for me to go.

Baby has gained record weight and I'm toddling around fine.
I have to make a couple of calls to make sure the pediatrician comes to sign out Eloise too - she needs to have an obligatory form filled out for the 8th day medical test.

The pediatrician turns up at 1130hrs - I'm in the toilet and she knocks on the door saying 'come out now - you are the last on my list and if you want to go home today, she need to do this now' - she actually saying all this in humour and she's nice - just a very dry sense of humour.

I then miss daddy at work - otherwise we could have been out of here by 1pm. In the end with work and car & tram journeys (him not us) we leave the hospital with a huge prescription at 5.30pm - and go home via the pharmacy. It's so good to sit on the comfy sofa... and Eloise goes straight into her nid d'ange quilt.

I forgot to mention on previous posts, that I had an injection each each for phlebis in my thigh - deep vein thrombosis I suppose. They don't make you wear stockings here during the c-section.

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