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Friday, 19 December 2008

Tens Machine

I see on the previous post that they've translated Tens Machine (to Tens Machine in fact).

For my first pregnancy I went onto the internet and bought for something like GBP50 a LADY TENS from Babycare Tens - which I found to be really good for pain relief and it worked well. However, 4 years ago, not one of the doctors or midwives in the clinique knew what it was - I wasn't asked to take it off for monitoring or anything - but everybody asked about it.

After an injured shoulder I was prescribed a visit or 6 to the physiotherapist, and there she had a tens machine...

For my recent birth, in the clinique I saw they had birthing balls - big blow up balls you can buy in Decathlon or another sports shop they usually use for Yoga or Pilates etc.. they weren't there 4 years ago either.

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