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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sleeping Bear

When Alicia was born, as a present I asked for one of these... she never really took to it, I used it in the hospital for that week, but after that we gave up... but Eloise adores it - it works just great, just like magic

It's a bear with a pack inside it, working with batteries, producing 'womb music' - the noise the baby hears inside you - or you can click it onto plinky plonky classical music... it comes on automatically when it is moved or hears the baby crying and plays for 5 minutes or more then switches itself off.... generally we end up just giving the bear a quick poke in the night if she's stirring and threatening to wake up - hence his name 'Poke' the Bear. You can buy them in places like Toys R Us. I have seen quite a few in Depot Ventes quite cheaply priced.

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