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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bad back

One of the bad sides of a c-section is the bad back afterwards.... (you've lost your stomach muscles to hold everything together...)

I've been trying hard to walk to school to get the big sister, at least twice a day (i.e. nearly 4.5kms a day) to drop a few post baby pounds. But, this has set off some aches in my lower back / pelvis.

The GP gives me a prescription (not needed I find actually) to go to the physiotherapist - you are allowed, free, 10 appointments at the kiné under your maternity cover - so off I go.

If I'm lucky I get a lovely massage and the tens machine, after I've had a hot bag of cherry stones to warm up the muscles placed on my back for 10 mins.
If I'm not so lucky: 10 mins on the bike, then on my back for stomach / leg / breathing movements and then on all fours for arms and legs out in front and behind.

Actually the day after I feel worse than before... so I hope it's doing some good! - the massage is great though! I've just go to remember to hold in my stomach when I walk (not easy!)

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