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Friday, 22 August 2008

Regular Gyne appointment

Into Montpellier today for my gyne appointment - 34 weeks..

The baby is a good weight - I've only gained 1 kilo since the last RDV. The baby is apparently very high and he doesn't think it's going to come out on it's own!

We have another appointment on 15th September to make a decision about whether to let nature take it's course or book a c-section in... depending on the weight and position of the baby. The c-section would be booked for the last week in September - i.e. a week before the normal due date of 5th October, so the baby doesn't get too big.

29th August I'm off to the clinique for the epidural appointment and have a prescription to go to the lab (after 5th September) for more toxoplasmosis tests and a vaginal swab to test for Strep B for the birth.

I asked why the baby wasn't decending as normal (same thing happened with baby no 1) - he said during the last c-section he noticed no malformation of my uterus and it's just one of those things.

Euro45 for the appointment.

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