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Friday, 8 August 2008

Third Scan at the Gyne

We have an appointment today with the stand-in gyne (it's August - EVERYBODY IS ON HOLIDAY) at 0930hrs - we turn up early at 0915hrs - 2 minutes in the waiting room and we're straight in.

A 15 minutes scan and baby is well and is a good weight etc for 33/34 weeks - he asks if we are definitely booked in for another c-section - I said my normal gyne said he didn't know if it would be a normal birth or not. It looks like we are going to have an x-ray of my pelvis done next time.

Then I'm weighed and given a quick internal examination - Euro90 later and we're out of the office before 0945hrs!

Next appointment 22 August, with the appointment at the hospital to check for the epidural on 29th August.

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