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Monday, 29 September 2008

Recovery Room after the Birth

I take my book with me to the recovery room - I remember the last time I just couldn't manage to sleep and it was awfully boring there all that time - this time I was just happy to watch people come and go.

On arrival they put blankets over you, stick a heater with a pipe under the blanket and heat you up - quite pleasant really...

A nurse checks me every fifteen minutes asking if I can feel my legs or if I have pain... the time passes quite quickly - I don't know for sure, but I feel I had different drugs this time, I'm much calmer and don't feel in such a rush to get out. The head nurse is very good in reassuring you that you will soon be with your baby.

You get a couple of visits from the mid-wife who comes to feel your stomach and make sure that the uterus is going back to it's normal state - they also check the blood flow. Also, I forgot to mention that you also now have a catheter fitted.

And before you know it you are being wheeled back to the bedroom... where your husband has been sitting with a coffee and a puzzle book for some time... and off he runs to the nursery to fetch the baby back.....
and she is delivered along with her carnet de sante and the paper to register her birth at the mairie.

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