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Monday, 29 September 2008

First Visits

Lifting up Eloise from the cradle with a drip in your arm - not great feeling in your legs and stitches in your belly just isn't funny. And I have to learn to do it, as there won't always be a nurse, midwife or husband at my side for the next 5 days in the clinique. Actually the lifting isn't as bad as the putting down, which seems to put a lot more strain on my poor stomach.

The electric beds are great, takes all the strain out of getting comfortable...

That afternoon French granny brings along the big sister to meet her new baby - Alicia seems more phased at the tubes in my arms and the fact I can't get out of the bed and won't come near me - she is charmed immediately by her little sister though. Presents are exchanged (Alicia gets Lego from her sister and Eloise gets a home-made Doudou.).

Gouter - or 4 o'clock tea time arrives - a cup of tea and 2 biscuits - I'm not allowed any dairy produce - even after I protest I'm English - I need milk in my tea... arrggh... and by the way, I'm starving, when am I coming off this regime leger??

Eloise feeds really well - you fill in a chart at the end of her bed - how many feeds & when her nappy is changed (and what's in it).

During the afternoon the midwife visits me again to massage my stomach to make sure everything is going back into shape - the assistants also come along to wash you 'down there.' I still have the catheter in and drip so no getting out of bed until tomorrow. The catheter is beginning to bother me - I feel like I'm getting cystitis, but the gyne says it's too early to take it out as I can't get to the loo on my own. Oh yes, and the gyne pops back late this evening to make sure all is OK and to check my scar.

I get soup for dinner and some fruit... The clinique also give you a gift of a prettily wrapped basket of fruit too.

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