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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Rooms in the Clinique

Just to explain a little about the clinique. You have a choice of rooms (Room charges are here.) - either you share with one other mum or you have a single room with a camping bed, or a room with two beds - either single room daddy can stop over with you. You can also book meals for daddy at an additional charge.

Visiting times at the Clinique St Roch are from mid-day until 9pm. Only 2 visitors at a time allowed (they are very lax about this though).
TV and private phone lines can also be rented at reasonable prices (phone line Euro4 a day, plus calls) - the TV in our room hadn't been switched off after the previous occupant. Nobody seems to turn off their mobile phones either... patients or visitors (although signs are everywhere requesting this.)

At the door there is a cleaning solution for people to wash their hands. There is a double door to ensure privacy and quiet.

View from my room

I had a shared room (the last time I had a lovely mum in with me who gave birth the day before me and I learned a lot from watching her and knowing what to expect to happen to me the next day.) If I were to do all this again I would think about this again - more later....

The room has a private bathroom with toilet, small shower with curtain and a sink. At the window side of the room, there was a changing table, cupboards and drawers and a deep baby bath for each mummy / baby - the windows have a sun blind and shutters and we were full on south facing - so it was beautifully sunny and hot - the rooms have also got heating and air conditioning and an additional heater over the baby bath area. There is also a large wardrobe for storeage.

The bedside tables have the phone and switches for the blinds / sunshades / two lots of lights and a call button for the midwife / assistant.

Each day an assistant comes to help you bath the baby and give general advice - they often leave you with the products you need to wash and care for baby, vitamins, bum cream etc.

You need to take your own bottled drinking water with you as well as towels. The gyne will give you a booklet all about the clinique and my midwife gave me a 'virtual tour' before the birth too.

The parking is very difficult - there is a small car park with a gate - which, when it's pretty full is closed and there is a security guard who will only let you in if you are to give birth (or have surgery or something..) The tram is much the best way to get there for visitors - Stade Phillipides for those in Montpellier going to the Clinique St Roch.

The clinique also has a cafeteria - the plat du jour is only Euro5. The reception area has a machine for drinks (hot and cold) and sweets and sandwiches etc.

More coming on the days after the birth...

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