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Monday, 15 September 2008

Last Visit to Gyne?

My final visit to the gyne today - we think.

He does an internal examination, checks my blood pressure which is normally 11 and today is 13.5! and measures my stomach - pronouncing that it's going to be a beau baby!

He ponders about a 'radio' / x-ray on my pelvis while he is considering whether to do a c-section (like last time as the baby is 'too high') .... but then we go and have another scan. The baby already weighs 3.5kgs (7lbs 7) and he reckons that at the birth she will weigh 3.8kgs (8lbs 4 oz - 'eck it's an elephant not a baby...) at this point he says it's not worth even doing the radio as she is so big - and then comments that a big stomach means a big baby... you saying I'm fat???

So we are booked in for a c-section at 8am on 29th September - going into the clinique at 1730hrs on 28th September and the grandparents have been booked to come down... that is, unless I got pop beforehand.

I've also been booked in for a 'monitoring' on 22nd September at the sage femme in the Polygone.

Euro45 for the visit.

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