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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

No Drip

The morning rush hour starts again this morning - the same round as yesterday - but with me washing myself generally - with a flannel all over and then with my head under the shower and feel so much better for it.... and much freer now the drip is taken out.

The girl in the next bed has now got a new room and she's moved at lunchtime. Alicia is really tired so that she doesn't make the trip to see me today with granny - I understand why but it does bring tears to my eyes.

.. You'll also have to bear with me here too - the days/ drugs / lack of sleep have blurred my memory a little, so if any of this is out of order... well... in fact, this could have happened yesterday... just not sure now.

Anyway, after the moving out of the girl next door - the cleaners come in (actually they come in quietly each morning and give the whole place a clean out) but when someone moves out it's a good going over... the noise in the middle of my supposed afternoon nap, you wouldn't believe... I found it so stressful... crashing around... awful. I now start to wish I'd requested a single room.

All normal until 3am when a young couple arrive with their new baby which had been born at midnight. They come in together and spend the next two hours texting the world and it's mother... beep beep beep... and they are so excited.. the baby is just fast asleep... The mother was moving around like she hadn't just given birth.

Suddenly, just after a feed, Eloise is just full of mucus (glare they call it in French) and she can't breathe - luckily the midwife is in the room seeing to the newcomers... and shakes and rubs Eloise a bit and then wraps her in a blanket and runs off to the nursery with her to have all the glare sucked out with a machine - this is so frightening... I'm just stuck in bed for the next 25 minutes - in the middle of the night - she she's bought back to me.. and all is well. I was so shocked.. and seriously lacking sleep.

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