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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thursday Awful Day

I wait until 7am to call Daddy to tell him all about the glare and the awful night I'd just had. He's so asleep that after I've spoken to him he puts down the phone badly so it remains engaged all morning and I can't ring him - I try something like 20 times over the morning - getting more and more frustrated and upset - I've been without the drugs in the drip for a few hours now and I remember this day from the last birth 4 years ago - it's a big plummet for me and I spent most of the morning in tears as I can't speak to my husband - and frightened from the night before - I eventually get my mother in law on her mobile when she's switched it on - I blubber away and then shout at my husband over the phone problem.

The girl in the bed next to me has also requested a single room - and her 12, yes 12 visitors this afternoon - all using their mobile phones at one time or another - all say how digusting it is that she has to share her room... I have to say I keep thinking that with the fact she's been up all night - and that the baby has slept all day, she's going to have problems tonight ... and she does.

Her baby wakes at midnight (I've put Eloise in the nursery as I need to sleep and I'm concerned if we have the glare incident again I won't hear her) her baby can't / won't feed (she's trying to breast feed) and there has been a record number of babies born in the clinique today and there aren't enough staff for someone to sit with her and help her - her baby screams blue murder and she's exhausted and in tears - don't get me wrong the staff are fabulous and very helpful but today is very busy... at 4am they are taken in to the nursery and the baby is given a supplement. Anyway, not too much sleep tonight... again. The moral of this story is, turn off your mobile phone and don't have so many visitors in the first couple of days... you need to rest.

Eloise is returned to me for boob at about 3am - I'm so pleased to have her back with me...

Anyway, this afternoon I've had a proper shower (after having my sticking plaster on my stomach taken off and it's sprayed with something) and this afternoon I feel much better.

Yes I know it's all a bit back to front - but my nerves were totally jangled today.

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