How Old is Baby Now...

Friday, 13 November 2009


Well we've just completed our first week of adaptation at the halte garderie (part time creche that means).  She did 15 mins on Monday, 30 mins Tuesday until today when they asked me to call after an hour to see if she was OK and them she stayed for nearly 2 hours in all today.

It costs 0.05pc of your salary - Euro0.95/hour for us (based on 2007 tax return... complicated huh?) and she can go for 8 hours a week... ie 2 mornings or 2 afternoons booked in advance plus another 8 hours if I call up on the off chance someone else has cancelled.

I have to take a bag with 2 nappies, a change of clothes, a piece of fruit / cup of fruit juice for the morning or something dairy for the afternoon.. no cakes / biscuits allowed... and her teddy or whatever.

They have a room full of cot bunkbeds, a room for nappy changes and hand washing and a room for playing with things like wet pasta (yes really..) as well as an outdoor area.

Children can go to this creche from 6 weeks old until they start maternelle school.

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