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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Well Eloise is now 15 months old. Mamma, Dadda and pointing at everything (dogs mostly in the street) are the popular things of the moment) and she's pretty good at holding her own with her 5 year old sister, Alicia.

Eloise preferring to play with dolls whilst Alicia is a Lego kind of girl... so surprising how different kids can be.

Creche is going well - and we've suddenly lost the need for the morning nap when we go there 2 mornings a week, instead having a good nap straight after lunch (or during lunch, or in the car on the way home...) depending on how hard we've been playing that morning.

Both Eloise and Alicia have received vouchers for their swine flu injection here in France. As they've both had sniffles for the last month, we just haven't been able to go and get them done yet.

She's growing up way too fast now!

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