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Monday, 6 December 2010

New contacts

A friend sent these details over after good and friendly service

For scans:

Dr Françoise Deschamps-Boujol
Ecographie gynecologique et obstetricale - Doppler
131 Avenue de Lodève
34080 Montpellier
Tel: 04 67 75 72 55

Didn't have to wait long for an appointment (for the following week, actually). Doctor printed all the photos there and then and the secretary typed all the info there and then so I only had to wait, literally, five minutes and I left with all the reports for my doctor. 

Fab office, all very high tech. 4D scans, (for which you can bring a DVD R with you to record) massive flat screen on the wall for mummy and daddy to watch. Very friendly staff (sounds all very superficial, but it is very useful to know in situations like this). 

There are a few signs on the walls, however, warning that coming with other children to do pregnancy scans is not recommended. I didn't read exactly what it said but they'd rather you didn't turn up with other kids.
There are massive roadworks around there so if you have a GPS you are ok but if not, bus number 15 goes from the Montpellier train station and you want the stop LES TONNELLES.

Didn't have an ordonnance either, as it was just for my piece of mind as I was being so anxious so I had to pay €50 and they asked for my carte vitale, although I don't know if I will be refunded or not. I was so pleased with it all that I will go back there with my 22 week scan ordonnance to do it.

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